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How long does a Home Study take?

An adoption home study takes approximately 3 months to complete, depending on how quickly you provide your information and how long your clearances take to process.

How much does a Home Study cost?

In Arizona, you must obtain your home study through a licensed agency.  Agencies typically charge $1,000 to $1,800 for a home study.

What is an Adoption Home Study?

An adoption home study is required before you can adopt a child.  It is a detailed report which gives information on a family’s background, including:

What Home Study Services does Southwest Adoption Services provide?

What is a Hague convention Home Study?

A Hague convention home study is done when adopting from a Hague convention country such as China, Columbia or Brazil.  See www.adoption.state.gov for the full list of countries.  A Hague convention home study requires additional clearances and information, and usually involves a slight increase in the home study fee.  Note: We provide Hague convention home studies by working through a Hague-accredited agency.

Where can I find out more about Adoption Home Studies?

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